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What is $CNCL ? First BRC-20 Lunchpad Bitcoin Utility


The Ordinals Council

The crypto world is constantly expanding and evolving, with new players joining the game every day. Recently, CoinMarketCap announced the addition of yet another promising crypto asset to their platform – CNCL. This is great news for all crypto enthusiasts out there, as CNCL brings a unique set of features and benefits to the table. Let’s take a closer look!

What is $CNCL?

$CNCL is the main token powering the Ordinals Council ecosystem Type of token: BRC-20 Total Supply: 10,000 Blockchain: Bitcoin

Token utility 1. Access to New Projects: One of the main functions of $CNCL token on Toshipad.com is to grant access to its holders to participate in new projects. This could mean access airdrops, free mints, token sales, or a guaranteed allocation in these sales. The specific access can vary depending on the projects, its tokenomics and agreements.

  1. Community Building: $CNCL token also play a role in building and maintaining a community around the launchpad. By holding the utility token, holders become part of the launchpad’s ecosystem and have a vested interest in its success.

  2. Liquidity Provision: In some instances $CNCL tokens can be used to provide liquidity to the projects launched on toshipad.com. This can be particularly beneficial for new projects that need initial liquidity to get started.

CoinMarketCap’s decision to add CNCL to their platform is a testament to its potential and value. This move will undoubtedly help CNCL gain more traction in the crypto world and attract new users. Moreover, it will make it easier for existing users to keep track of their CNCL investments and monitor the platform’s progress.

Celebrating The Ordinals Council  (CNCL) :

CNCL’s arrival to the crypto world is a cause for celebration, and CoinMarketCap is leading the party. In honor of this occasion, CoinMarketCap is running a special promotion for CNCL users. 

They Link To the Project :

1- Official CoinMarketCap Profile : coinmarketcap.com/currencies/the-ordinals-council

2- Official Website : theordinalscouncil.com

3- Official Twitter : twitter.com/ordinalscouncil

4- Project Whitepaper : ordinals-council.gitbook.io/the-ordinals-council

5- Contract : ordinalswallet.com/inscription/a8827843471a3f3c88c285e1531eed639fb9eb3c348dc47811feb15a811e4a49i0


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