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DLT(Distributed Ledger Technology)

What is DLT : Distributed Ledger Technology

Discover the truth behind the buzzword “DLT” and its potential impact on various industries. DLT stands for “Distributed Ledger Technology,” and it is the backbone of blockchain technology. In this article, we demystify this cryptic term and unveil its benefits, including improved security and transparency. Get ready to embrace DLT and its potential to revolutionize the way we do business!

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what is bridge in blockchain?

What is Bridge in Blockchain : Building Bridges

Blockchain technology has the power to unite communities and facilitate seamless transfer of value. With the help of blockchain bridges, we can expand the impact of this technology and bridge the gap between different networks. These bridges are not only functional but also bring a sense of joy and excitement as we witness the power of blockchain in action.

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