AdCrypto is an advertising network, which belongs to ZONTO OÜ company


AdCrypto is an advertising network, which belongs to ZONTO OÜ company. And with payments in Ethereum, it specializes in websites related to crypto world. With its help, an advertiser has the opportunity to spread the information about its ICO to the target audience, to attract clients/investors for its project, and a webmaster at the same time, can profit by placing advertising banners on the own site.

ZONTO OÜ company is officially registered in the Republic of Estonia (registration code: 14281570, The key product of our company is ZONTO digital ecosystem, which has many different functional modules within its system (social network, e-wallet, crowdinvesting, ICO rating TokenoID and advertising network AdCrypto) .

In addition, from  01.02.2018, the supervisory authority “The Department of Police and Border Patrol” of the Estonian republic has issued ZONTO two licences under the new law “Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act” (link to check the law: ):

  1. Licence for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency;
  2.  Licence for providing a virtual currency wallet service.

You can browse them in the attached document:

Moreover the Licence for providing a virtual currency wallet service provides ZONTO OÜ company the right to absolutely officially provide our customers a wallet for raising virtual currencies on Token Sale within the scope of this Act. As well as, to buy, sell and convert cryptocurrencies into monetary (fiat) funds.

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