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The Internet has long become an integral part of the human life. With its help, we communicate, consider the accurate information, make purchases, learn about what happening in the world, listen to music, watch videos, order food, learn and much more. The World Wide Web exists in all aspects of our life. But still the most popular on the Internet are social networking services. Since communication for a person has consistently been and will be in priority.

The popularization of social networks began with the launch of Facebook. Afterwards, many similar platforms have been showed up, they tried to attract attention in every possible way. Lately, the user of any social networks is not a customer, but a product for sale. Since the leading role in the formation of the network belongs exclusively to its immediate owner. It’s not a secret that by placing your information on your Facebook page, you transfer it for free to the owners of this platform. These, in turn, sell it to advertising companies.

But technological progress does not stand still and the process of decentralization has reached social networks. I want to introduce you the social network of the new generation – ZONTO. Developers have created a decentralized platform, which, unlike popular social networks, is controlled directly by each user of the network.

This network uses its own currency, the so-called ZONTO coins. It is the virtual currency of ZONTO, which stimulates users to share information among themselves. For example, an interesting post can be appreciated by readers not just by likes, but by ZONTO coins as a reward for quality content. At the same time, the author has the opportunity to spend them on improving his work in the service, by buying various functional.

The ZONTO platform works on blockchain technology. It unites people, and at the same time, creates a unified system for communication and information exchange. This ensures maximum freedom of speech and the possibility of self-expression within the network. And with the implementation of social regulation, users can evaluate what they like and ignore non-quality content. As a result, good content (which are posts, photos, videos) will be visible and accessible to everyone.

Decentralization in ZONTO and independence from state jurisdictions are the significant advantages over popular social networks. Access to user correspondence, photos, videos and other personal information remains only with the user and his/her interlocutor. ZONTO cares about the privacy of its users.

Undoubtedly, ZONTO launches a revolution in the sphere of modern social networks. Keeping existing advantages, eradicating deep-rooted shortcomings, ZONTO moves the phenomenon of social networks to a new quality and sound level.

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