Blockchain as a synonym for complete freedom


The blockchain technology was originally developed for cryptocurrency and has already managed to make a revolution in the world’s financial system. Currently, the society is uncovering new ways of using this technology.

By allowing digital information to be distributed and at the same time not being copied, the blockchain has established the basis for a new open Internet. It also provided an innovative concept of decentralization that can change the world. And now many platforms are moving to a new stage of development and decentralizing their systems. It’s time for social networks to change.

The new technology can overturn our conventional thinking, about a social network owned by one business corporation. Therefore, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others can lose their attractiveness with the implementation of more secure and protected social networks based on the blockchain. And we already can give some examples.

Platforms like ZONTO, Synereo and Steemit, so far, are the most popular decentralized social networks built on blockchain technology. In each of the above social networks, you can earn money simply by creating content.

Within ZONTO each user in his personal cabinet has virtual currency named “ZONTO coins” . Coin is the internal means of payment for this social network. With its help, users have the opportunity to buy paid services of the ZONTO platform. And also to evaluate publications of other users, thereby raising the rating of certain posts and forming content.

In Synereo, the user has the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by adding content to social networks, as well as by providing computing power or bandwidth.

Social networks are changing, and we can monitor this in real time. It’s arduous to predict what will be further, but there is no doubt that we will face substantial changes affecting every user of social networks.

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