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A fundamental part of any ICO is a rigorous advertising campaign, which will help to emerge from the shadows and notify the target audience about your project.

In relation to prohibitions on ICO and cryptocurrencies advertising of such companies like: Google, Twitter, Facebook and even Bing, the chance to reach investors all over the world has significantly dropped. As well as the chance to tell investors about own project.  Consequently, many ICO developers and providers are forced to find new ways of projects promotion.

This situation has motivated us to develop own advertising network, which will meet the requirements of both crypto advertisers and publishers. So that is how we have created the cryptocurrencies media network AdCrypto.

AdCrypto offers high-quality standard banner developed by a team of qualified professionals to attract the interest of a potential investor, and stimulate his willingness to invest in a start-up.

We guarantee that our clients will receive only targeted clicks and impressions from those who are really interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, as AdCrypto places advertisements exclusively on crypto related resources.


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